netfabb is proud to announce a new milestone in its flagship product “netfabb Professional 6”. Amongst a variety of enhancements across multiple use cases, the focus has been a productive workflow for the 3D Printing professional in all common technologies.


  • Along with big players such as Microsoft, HP, Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes, netfabb has been heavily involved in developing the new standard file format 3MF for industrial 3D print data. As founding member of the 3MF Consortium, netfabb supports the standard both, for importing and exporting 3MF files – in order to give you a direct access to direct printing, small file storage and 3D printing workflow control. The 3MF file format will play a central role in our full product line, from netfabb Basic, to netfabb Professional 6.0 and netfabb Enterprise 6.0 to our server solutions, and allows us to deepen the interoperability between netfabb Software, 3D Content creation Apps and printing devices.


  • Our new support modules allow a perfect data preparation for all one-material 3D Printing technologies needing support structures (for example Selective Laser Melting or Stereolithography)



  • Our new integrated nesting algorithms allow a rapid and effective utilization of your machine capacities.
  • Automated mass labeling and enhanced report generation pave the way for transitioning from Prototyping to Manufacturing.

Resulting from a close cooperation with netfabb’s parent company FIT AG, the Germany-based specialist for Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM), netfabb developers have an intrinsic knowledge of the daily and special needs of industrial 3D printing processes. netfabb Professional Version 6 incorporates all this knowledge into an affordable all-in-one solution.

For more information, feel free to contact netfabb anytime, or take a deeper read on the netabb website.