3MF: The Future of Data Transfer For 3DP

By Mark Rushton  Product Portfolio Manager, SOLIDWORKS At the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2017, a panel discussion on the Future of 3D Printing brought together experts from various machine manufacturers and service providers and took questions from the audience of SOLIDWORKS users. One of the questions raised by the audience was “Everyone agrees that STL is [...]

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3MF File Format to Pave the Way to Home 3D printing

By Deirdre MacCormack, Chief Marketing Officer, Mcor and Special Guest Blogger Our vision as a company is to put a 3D printer in every office, classroom and eventually every home. The goal is to make 3D printing as easy as printing on paper. Indeed, many challenges still exist in the 3D printing industry.  One of [...]

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3MF Version 1.1 is Here

I’m pleased to announce that the 3MF Consortium has released its first update to the 3MF Core Specification.  Available for download here. Version 1.1 is the latest proof of the 3MF Consortium’s commitment to defining a 3D printing format that will allow design applications to send full-fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, [...]

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The world of 3D printing is perpetually innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As a result 3D printers have pretty much evolved beyond the capabilities of today’s 3D file formats such as STL, the most commonly used file format. More functionality is needed. To overcome this, a revolutionary new 3D printing format called [...]

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netfabb Professional 6

netfabb is proud to announce a new milestone in its flagship product "netfabb Professional 6". Amongst a variety of enhancements across multiple use cases, the focus has been a productive workflow for the 3D Printing professional in all common technologies. Along with big players such as Microsoft, HP, Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes, netfabb has been heavily [...]

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The 3D Printing Revolution

Welcome to the inaugural post of the 3MF Consortium blog! In this first installment, we note the growing momentum behind the adoption of the 3MF specification as we welcome four new members to the Consortium: 3D Systems, Materialise, Siemens PLM Software and Stratasys.  In joining our founding members -- Dassault Systèmes S.A.; FIT AG/netfabb GmbH; [...]

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